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Voices from Fukushima

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Cancer on the Rise in Post-Fukushima Japan

In Fairewinds’ latest update of the ongoing nuclear catastrophe at Fukushima Daiichi, Chief Engineer Arnie Gundersen presents two reports that confirm the direct link of numerous cancers in Japan to the triple meltdown. Based upon data from Japanese medical professionals and utility owner of the meltdown site, Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), Arnie concludes that heavy radioactive discharges will be the cause of enormous spikes in cancer in Japan. TEPCO’s press release confirms the leukemia diagnosis for a TEPCO worker due to his ongoing exposure during the last four years to radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi triple meltdown. Sadly, during the early months of the Fukushima Daiichi emergency, most TEPCO workers did not wear the required dosimeters required to measure each employee’s exposure to radiation, which has made accurate assessment of the radiation doses received by TEPCO employees impossible. The second report, provided by esteemed Japanese medical professionals, reve…

「ジンバブエで最も有名なライオン」を射殺、頭を切り落とす ハンターに非難殺到

The Huffington Post  / 執筆者:Nick Visser

7月に「ジンバブエでもっとも有名なライオン」として親しまれていたライオンの「セシル」が射殺され頭を切り落とされた状態で見つかった事件で、地元当局はアメリカ人の歯科医師が事件に関与していたとの声明を発表したウォルター・パルマー氏はミネソタ州のブルーミントンの歯科医師で、13歳のライオン「セシル」を狩猟するのに約680万円を支払っていた。テレグラフが報じた。「セシル」は、狩猟が禁止されているワンゲ国立公園から、近隣の狩猟区域に肉を使って誘い出され、矢を撃たれて弱らされたとみられる。その後、ライオンは40時間にわたって追跡され、最後はライフルで射殺された。 ジンバブエの観光局は28日、ツイッター上で「セシル」を射殺したのがパルマー氏であることを発表した。投稿には「違法な狩猟」を意味するハッシュタグ「#illegalhunt」が添えられた。 パルマー氏が働く歯科病院の電話は、彼の名が公にされてから不通状態が続いている。また、アメリカのレビューサイト「Yelp」上の彼の歯科病院のページには、批判のコメントが殺到している。 パルマー氏のスポークスマンはガーディアン紙に対して「(パルマー氏は)一連の出来事に困惑している」と述べた。 「私が知る限り、ウォルターは自分が射殺したライオンが『セシル』だったのかもしれないという事実を認めています。しかし、彼は許可を得て、プロのガイドを雇い狩猟しました。彼はセシルを射殺したことについては否定していません。彼は猛獣狩りの愛好家で、世界中で狩猟を行っています」 ジンバブエ・プロフェッショナル・ハンター・ガイド協会はFacebook上で、セシルの狩猟に関わった猟師が同協会の会員であり、当該の猟師からは永久に会員資格が剥奪されたことを発表したテオ・ブロンクホルストと呼ばれるこの猟師と狩猟が行われた土地の所有者は地元当局により逮捕され、8月6日に裁判が予定されている。 ブロンクホルスト容疑者は「成熟した立派なライオンだった。(ライオンが)名の知れたライオンであるとは知らなかった。狩猟が行われた地域での弓矢の使用許可証は持っていた。」と述べた。 アフリカライオンはIUCNが定めるレッドリストに「絶滅の恐れのある種」として指定されており、国際的な野生動物の保護条約であるCI…

The farmers don't even want to eat their crops, do you think you should ?

"I know there is radiation in what we grow. I feel guilty about growing it and selling them to consumers"

"We won't eat it ourselves, but we sell it"

Fukushima’s “Caldrons of Hell”

Hiroaki Koide, professor at Kyoto Univ. Research Reactor Institute (retired), Apr 24, 2015:

11:30 – The Prime Minister [said Fukushima] had been brought to a close. My reaction on hearing his words was, ‘Stop kidding.’ Reality is, though 4 years have passed, the accident has not yet been brought to a close at all.15:15 – What is the situation within the core? How much has melted? Where is the fuel exactly? We do not know… This is an accident of a severity that cannot be imagined anywhere else… As you can see, we are facing a very, very difficult situation. The only choice that we have open to us is to somehow keep the situation from getting worse.30:30 – We are in a very terrible situation, I would even call it a crisis.55:30 – The Japanese government has issued a declaration that this is an emergency situation. As a result, normal laws do not have to be followed. What they are saying is that, in these very high radiation exposure level areas, they have basically abandoned people to li…

【被ばく】福島の鼻血 Radiation Exposure – Nosebleed in Fukushima.

by Nelson Surjon

福島の鼻血「内部被ばくか」  Nosebleed in Fukushima – Internal Exposure  神戸の医師、学会で発表
After the nuclear accident caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake, numerous nosebleed cases in children in the prefecture of Fukushima raised immediate worries. 東日本大震災による原発事故の後、福島県では、子どもを中心に鼻血が出る症状が相次いだ。

As it was shown in the now infamous Manga “Oishinbo”, which was heavily criticized for showing these nosebleeds and was accused of spreading “harmful” rumors, these cases can be attributed to internal exposure by inhaling metal radioactive particles substance that cling on the mucosa of the nose. According to Dr. Goji Hideo, about one in two evacuees from Fukushima are experiencing nosebleeds, sometimes entire families. Sudden nosebleed started to subside after evacuation.  Goji sensei graduated at the Kobe University School of Medicine and is the Director of the Higashikanbe clinic (Kobe). He continues to treat survivors and serve as a health counselor for the victims of Fukushima. You can fol…

6000% Increase in Cancer Rates at Fukushima Site

As reports from individuals like Chieko Shiina, a supporter of the Fukushima Collaborateive Clinic talk about exploding rates of thyroid cancer in children, as well as an epidemic of leukemia, heart attacks, and other health problems, the Abe-led government and US continue to sweep the fall out of the Fukushima disaster under the rug. Cancer rates have exploded at an increase of almost 6000% in areas near the reactor meltdown. Aside from people-on-the-street interviews that a rare media outlet like “Hodo station” will report on, mainstream media stays completely silent. One Japanese resident, Carol Hisasue, laments that as the incident has disappeared from the media, it has also disappeared from people’s consciousness. So why does Fukushima continue to be a see no evil, hear no evil event? You can watch an over hour-long report that goes into detail, but to sum it up, people can’t even turn on their gas-stoves near Fukushima because “it would be like burning radioactive fuel in their…